No two students are alike, either cognitively or physically. Therefore, we acknowledge that group instruction may at times need to be augmented with private training, designed for the specific mental, physical and even emotional needs of a dancer.

Private lessons offer a learning pace that is tuned to you in particular, which usually means a slightly accelerated learning pace over group classes. The more skilled you are, the truer this becomes. (At the absolute-beginner level, there is almost no difference between good group classes and private lessons, apart from the cost.) So for skilled dancers, private lessons are sometimes worth it. For highly skilled dancers, private lessons are definitely worth it.

Students wishing to advance at an accelerated pace are may take advantage of this invaluable program.

There will be an additional charge for these classes, but focused private instruction can change your child’s dance experience, and overall physical well-being immeasurably.

All private lessons must be scheduled through the Dance Arts South office. To sign up for private training, please contact us to set up individualized classes at